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HWJG - type infrared crystal dryer
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First, infrared crystal dryer is the latest scientific and technological products in the world, crystallization drying is completed once, crystallization drying time is short;
Two, suitable for drying raw materials: PET, PLA, PC and other new materials, recycled materials;
Three, crystallization drying principle: the special performance of imported medium wave infrared ray directly radiation raw material layer, from the inside of the raw material begins to heat up, water quickly heated immediately after gasification, from the inside of the raw material transferred to the outside after suction discharge. In a short time to achieve the raw material required crystallization drying effect


Original crystallization dryer
1. Crystallization time is about 2 hours;
2. Large powder is produced after crystallization stirring;
3. It is difficult to change raw materials and clean up, and the cleaning time is about 2-3 hours;
4, auxiliary parts of the installation of large amount of work to regularly replace the heater, filter, etc.;
5. Different materials are designed differently.

Infrared crystal dryer
1. The crystallization drying time is about 20 minutes;
2, produce less powder;
3. Replace raw materials and clean for about 30 minutes;
4, simple installation;
5, applicable to all plastic products.

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